Family Law

Lawyers You Can Trust When Your Family Is Involved

It’s hard to imagine any legal issue being more important than a family law concern. Whether you face divorce and all of the important decisions that go with it, or you have a concern such as a paternity issue, guardianship or adoption, you want to be certain that you work with a trusted law firm that provides personalized service.

The team at Abel & Reed, LLC understands the outcomes of family law issues have long-term, often lifetime, consequences.

We combine a professional approach with an emphasis on personal attention. Although many cases have similarities, we take the time to evaluate every aspect of a client’s situation to make sure the legal strategy we develop suits them and achieves their goals.

Your Priorities Become Ours

We have experience handling the full range of family law issues, including:

  • Marriage dissolution – contested and uncontested divorces
  • Family law mediation – an emerging low-conflict, collaborative solution to many family law issues including divorce, child custody, and parenting time.
  • Child custody – protecting the rights of custodial and noncustodial parents
  • Support issues – child support and spousal maintenance
  • Modification of existing orders – adjusting support or custody when changes warrant doing so
  • Paternity – legally establishing a child’s father for support and to secure parental rights
  • Adoption – providing a stepparent or foster parent full rights of a biological parent
  • Guardianship – providing legal rights to care for a child if both parents are unable to do so

We emphasize clear and continuous communication, so our clients are assured of understanding all their options. We seek effective resolutions in an efficient manner, knowing that you are eager to resolve your family law issue and move forward. Our attorneys work to resolve issues without the need to litigate, which provides our clients with more control over the outcome. However, if a fair resolution cannot be reached amicably, our lawyers are trial-tested and always ready to advocate for you in court.

Learn How We Can Help

We welcome the opportunity to meet in person in our Terre Haute office or discuss your family law matter by phone. We can answer your questions and recommend a course of action. Call 812-238-2121 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.